Friday, 10 April 2015

Triphala amazing healing ayurvedic herbal formula

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Today we will learn about Triphala herbal medicine. Its safe and vegetarian based.

Triphala means three fruits combination in Sanskrit. Formula preparation simple and healing is power full.
Equal combination three myrobalan fruits, Indian gooseberry, Bibhitaki   and  Haritaki .

Health Benefits:
  •     Builds immune system
  •     Improvement of digestion
  •     relief of constipation
  •     gastrointestinal tract cleansing
  •     Improves digestion
  •     Good for diabetes
  •     Improves vision and fights eye diseases.

Traditional Ayurvedic formula has properties of :
  • Antioxidant,
  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Antipyretic, 
  • Analgesic, 
  • Antibacterial, 
  • Antimutagenic, 
  • Adaptogenic, 
  • Anticancer 
  • hypoglycemic effects
These formulas not expensive, natural, vegetarian based, with great health benefits.

Health questions, Feel free to ask, we have male and female therapist available.

Hakeem Jahangeer Mohammed
DTCM, Certified Cupping Therapist & Reflexologist

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