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Assalam Alaikum, Peace Be Upon You.
Welcome back to my blog. Weather is getting better, I love Spring and Summer.
Every year we like to go on vacation, visiting new destination, pilgrimage, visiting family members, or going warm sunny sandy beaches to escape winter.

How about going on tour for your health and well being. I am talking about Al Hijamah Tourism .
Hijama is wet cupping therapy goes back to thousands of years old, Our beloved Muhammad S.W.S (P.B.U.H) said "Indeed the best of remedies you have is hijama, and if there was something excellent to be used as a remedy then it is Al Hijamah.” Sahih Bukhari

If you live in USA, CANADA or near by countries, or if you are visiting USA or Canada.
Come Toronto, visit beautiful places in GTA area, Niagara falls, famous Masjids, water falls in Hamilton area.
There are so many places to visit. At the same time you plan your trip to say in Mississauga and take Hijamah cupping therapy.

AL JAMAL Clinic is centrally located in Mississauga, on Eglinton and Kennedy. 15 Minutes from Pearson air port.
You can plan your trip anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks.  Hotel accommodations are very reasonably priced. Plenty of halal restaurants, Middle eastern, Hakkah Chinese, Italian, Pakistani and Indian food.

At AL JAMAL clinic, we take full history, then we prepare the treatment plan, you can call us in advance and book the appointment. We are experienced and certified, helped so many clients to get back to better health. Using alternative therapy we work on treating the underlying health problem not the symptoms, our therapy modalities like Hijamah, cupping, reflexology are non invasive and no side effects. We guide our clients to adapt healthy life style to achieve and maintain healthy weight, proper diet according to traditional medicine, Unani, and Ayurveda . We do not charge any fee for the initial consultation. Male and Female therapist

For more details check out website tel 647-722-9556

Do you know there are 100 plus Masjids in GTA area ? Home for world renowned scholars and imams.
GTA is a place were you will see people from all the countries and from all the religions live happily together .
We are proud to be Canadian, friendly and caring, everyone says hello to everyone.
There are interfaith organizations religious  leaders from all faiths Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Punjabis, any other religion, respect each other and bring the world peace and harmony.

Masjids in Greater Toronto Area

Find more masjids from islamic finder website.

Places to visit in GTA - Greater Toronto area.
Niagara Falls -  1 Hr from Pearson air port.
Squareone - Mall
Heartland - outlet mall.
Malls :

Thank you for visit my blog.

Feel free to contact us for consultation on health issues.
Sk Hakim
DTCM, Certified Cupping Therapist & Reflexologist

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